Salvadoran chef donated $ 250,000 to homeless people in the United States


The Salvadoran chef, Roberto Mendoza, who lives in the United States, donated $ 250,000 to the most homeless in the United States.

His work is done in the city of Charlotte that is located in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina,

For six years, he has been doing this altruistic work in the United States, who remembers how difficult it was to find food in El Salvador, when he was a teenager, detailed the cuscatleco to the Telemundo media.

Every Saturday he travels the main streets of Charlotte, but one day I buy a lottery number.

“It turned out that arriving at the house, I scrape and took out 250 thousand dollars, it came to me suddenly, so I decided to donate all the money for the food projects,” said the Salvadoran chef.

Mendoza, who has cooked the last four presidents of the United States, also helps Latin American countries with this problem.