We are delighted to welcome. Roberto E. Mendoza. To the prestigious post of Senior Executive Chef.
Helping Others

Cooking For A Purpose

“Giving is how we receive, God is like that”
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how to eradicate hunger in the world? one kid at once

Our reason to serve others

Passion for serving others

I know what it is to be hungry. When I was a teenager I told myself that if I was ever in a position to give something back, I would do my best to make sure nobody else is hungry, that is the reason

Chef Roberto Mendoza is an internationally recognized culinary innovator, educator, television persona, humanitarian,  lecturer, and founder of chef heavens kitchen. An organization that provides smart solutions to end hunger and poverty using the power of food to revive communities and strengthen economies of extreme poverty which helps different countries by feeding low-income children and bringing joy to each one of them.

During emergencies he and his team work tirelessly to supply food needs to communities in different countries. Chef Mendoza is a tireless advocate of the homeless and supports the entire immigrant community in the United States of America.

The chef’s greatest goal is to help the poorest and be an inspiring example of how generosity, self-sacrifice, and self-giving to others makes sense in modern society. The work he does is not heroic, anyone who has the grace of God can do it.

Our Staff

The Chef Heavens Kitchen Staff

Chef Roberto Mendoza

Executive Chef

Helen Salazar

USA Manager

Antonio Mendez

El Salvador Administration

Chef Eduardo Zaldaña

El Salvador Chef

Karen Gonzalez Morel

Dominican Republic Manager

Riaz Guízar

Pakistan Teacher


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future. Help us to feed the children and homeless